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Why We’re Requiring Salary Information in All Job Postings at Get It

March 23, 2023

At Get It, we recognize the importance of including salary information in job postings. In recent years, there has been a growing trend among employers to specify the salary range for positions. This may seem like a small change, but it can have a big impact on the job search process.

1. Transparency in the Job Search Process

One of the biggest benefits of including salary information in your job postings is that it makes the job search process more transparent. Job seekers have the right to know what they can expect to earn in a particular position, and including salary information up front can help them make more informed decisions about which jobs to apply for. This can save both job seekers and employers time and resources, as it can help weed out candidates who may not be a good fit based on salary expectations.

According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers said that salary is a key factor when considering a job offer. By including salary information in job postings, you can attract more qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in your job based on the salary specified.

2. Reducing the Gender Pay Gap

Including salary information in your job postings can help reduce the gender pay gap. Research has shown that women are less likely to negotiate their salaries than men, which can result in lower pay over time. By including salary information up front, employers can help ensure that everyone is paid fairly and equally for the same job.

Several states and cities in the United States have already passed laws requiring employers to include salary information in job postings. For example, in 2018, California passed a law that requires employers to disclose the pay scale for a position to any applicant who requests it.

3. Improving Employer Branding

Salary information in your job postings can also help improve your company branding. Job seekers are more likely to have a positive impression of a company that is transparent about its salary offerings. This can help attract more qualified candidates, as well as improve retention rates among current employees.

A study by LinkedIn found that 70% of professionals said that they would not apply to a job that did not include salary information. By including this information, you can demonstrate that your organization values transparency and fairness in your hiring practices.

Here are some recent news sources that support the idea of including salary information in job postings:

Forbes: “Why Job Seekers Need to Know Your Salary Range Before Applying
CNN Business: “Why Companies are Starting to Reveal their Salary Ranges in Job Listings
Fast Company: “More Companies are Revealing How Much They Pay—And It’s a Game Changer for Job Seekers

We hope this post has informed you of why Get It is now requiring salary information with every job posting. Both employer and job seeker benefit from transparent sharing of this information. So, if you’re ready to improve the quality of your candidates, embrace transparency in the hiring process and improve your employer branding, post your jobs for free today!

*This article was drafted by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, edited and polished by Get.It humans.

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