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The Get.It 2023 Year in Review

January 17, 2024

Hello, Get.It community! As we take a moment to reflect on the past year, we are excited to present the Get.It 2023 Year in Review. It’s been an eventful year filled with significant enhancements to our platform, all designed to improve your experience as a job poster on our ATS network. Let’s dive into the key developments that shaped our journey in chronological order:

January 2023: Job Posting Process Enhancements To kick off the new year, we made substantial improvements to the job posting process. These enhancements included the addition of dedicated fields for your contact information, making it easier for job seekers to reach out. We also now require job seekers to apply with a resume for every job, ensuring a more comprehensive application process. Additionally, we introduced application confirmation messages to keep you informed. A ‘Further Apply’ option was also introduced for jobs using the URL apply option, ensuring a seamless application process and directing candidates to your preferred application platform.

February 2023: Integration of Get All Jobs – The Job Site Network February marked a significant expansion of our services with the full integration of Get All Jobs – The Job Site Network into Get.It. This integration means that when you post a job on Get.It, it automatically gets distributed across our network of over 700 occupation-specific job sites. This change ensures targeted reach and efficient management of your job postings, increasing your chances of finding the right candidate.

March 2023: Mandatory Inclusion of Salary Information in Job Postings In March, we introduced a policy requiring all job postings to include salary information. This policy change is designed to enhance transparency in the job search process, empowering candidates to make informed decisions and align their expectations with potential employers. It also supports our commitment to fair and equitable hiring practices, contributing to efforts to address the gender pay gap.

June 2023: Advanced AI for Job Posting Optimization Leveraging OpenAI’s advanced language model, we introduced a groundbreaking enhancement for job postings. Our AI tool, provided free of charge, optimizes your job listings for readability, engagement, and search engine visibility. It automatically analyzes and improves the structure, grammar, and keyword usage of your job postings. This ensures they attract high-quality candidates and rank well in search results. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature for any or all of your job postings.

September 2023: Facilitating Remote Hiring Recognizing the growing trend of remote work, we introduced features to facilitate remote hiring. Our platform now offers free job postings specifically for remote positions. We’ve also integrated with LinkedIn, Bing, and Google to maximize the visibility of your remote job listings. This ensures a broad reach to a diverse pool of remote professionals, enhancing your ability to find the perfect candidate for remote roles.

November 2023: XML Feed Management for Efficient Job Posting In November, we unveiled XML Feed Management, a feature that streamlines the job posting process. This feature allows you to integrate an XML feed directly into your account, automatically updating your job listings every four hours. This ensures that your job postings remain current and accurate. Additionally, it includes a visual distinction for XML-managed jobs, simplifying the tracking and management of your postings.

Each of these updates reflects our unwavering commitment to providing you with a user-friendly, efficient, and effective recruitment platform. We value your feedback and partnership as we continue to innovate and enhance our services. Stay tuned for many new platform features and enhancements scheduled for release in the near future.

Wishing you a successful and productive 2024! Thank you for being part of the Get.It community.

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