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Remote Hiring Made Easy: Find the Perfect Employee with Get.It

September 13, 2023

Remote work arrangements continue to have a high appeal to potential employees, and businesses are adapting to meet the changing needs of the workforce. Get.It, the leading free job posting website, is excited to highlight a feature that empowers both job posters and job seekers with regard to remote hiring and job search needs.

Why Choose Get.It?

1. Free Job Posting for Remote Roles

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Get.It for your remote hiring needs is our commitment to cost-effective solutions. We offer free job postings tailored for remote positions. This means you can maximize your hiring budget while gaining access to a vast pool of skilled professionals eager to embrace this flexible work opportunity. If you’re looking for full-time or part-time remote candidates, Get.It also has you covered with our network of over 700 occupational job communities, ensuring unparalleled access to the right talent.

2. Leveraging LinkedIn, Bing and Google

At Get.It, we understand the importance of casting a wide net when searching for top talent. That’s why we’ve integrated with LinkedIn, Bing Jobs and Google to enhance your hiring reach. When you post jobs on Get.It, they are automatically shared on LinkedIn, exposing your opportunities to a vast community of professionals actively seeking remote positions. Additionally, our strategic partnership with Bing Jobs and Google Job Search ensures that your job listings gain prominent visibility across search engines and appropriately marked as ‘remote’ to their users. This increased exposure significantly boosts your chances of attracting the right candidates and advertising your company brand.

3. Access to a Diverse Talent Pool of Remote Professionals

Remote work is no longer a niche concept—it’s a global movement. Get.It has attracted a thriving community of job-seeking highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds and locations. By posting your jobs on Get.It, you tap into a national network of remote workers who can bring fresh perspectives and exceptional value to your organization. Whether you need a remote developer, a virtual marketing manager, or a remote customer support representative, Get.It connects you with the right talent.

4. Easy-to-Use Platform and Support

Navigating the hiring process can be daunting, but Get.It is designed with user experience in mind. Our platform ensures a seamless and hassle-free job posting experience. You can effortlessly create and manage your job listings, review applications, and communicate with candidates directly through our platform. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is always available to provide guidance and support throughout the hiring process.


The world of work is changing, and Get.It is here to help you adapt and thrive. Whether you’re an employer looking to fill remote positions, or a job seeker seeking flexible opportunities, Get.It’s specialized platform is the key to unlocking the future of work. Start posting your remote job openings as well as on-site positions on Get.It. We look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect remote talent for your business needs. Embrace the future of work with Get.It!

"You have provided some
great talent - technically astute
and client ready."
By: Nancy Strelow, MR Winona
"Your service was easy to use and I was
able to hire someone who responded to my ad
within one day of posting it. Thank you!"
By: Pam Zeidman, Copeland Dance
"The responses we've received
from your service have been right
on the mark. Excellent!"
By: Diane Mabry, Kelly Services