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New Addition to the Get It Family – We’ve Acquired Mamapedia!

August 1, 2014

We are very pleased to announce our acquisition of Mamapedia. Mamapedia is a leading online destination for mothers of all ages. Established almost 10 years ago, Mamapedia has over 3 milliion active mom-users, and is a great destination to find out about anything “mom.” You can read more about the deal by clicking here.

We are particularly excited about the “So What Happened Next” feature of the site. This is a feature which allows a user to ask a question, and get a number of answers to get to the conclusion of her issue or problem. Underlying this feature is a very robust software, developed by the previous teams at Mamapedia down through the years. We think there is great potential to bring this into our Get It jobs sites network, and allow all our millions of registered job seekers to interact with each other and help one another, much like the moms communicating on Mamapedia today.

See So What Happened Next in action here.

We are also very excited about the synergies between our job seekers and Mamapedia. One of the largest groups using Get It’s sites to find job opportunities are work-at-home mothers. We are constantly upgrading the quality and number of offers we have available for these mothers, and we are eager to present them to the Mamapedia userbase. And we can’t wait to present Mamapedia to our job seekers as a great resource to them for helping them in their day-to-day lives. We will be increasing our focus on mom-friendly job opportunities, in particular work-at-home and flex time, as we move forward with Mamapedia part of the Get It network.

We’re delighted to bring Mamapedia on board as the newest Get It website, and we welcome Mamapedia’s users to our network!

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