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Navigating Job Postings: Maximizing Visibility Without the High Costs

September 25, 2023

When finding talent for your company finding a platform that offers both effectiveness and affordability can be a challenge. If you’ve been navigating the maze of job posting options, we’d like to introduce you to a streamlined, cost-efficient alternative (zero-cost): Get.It.

Major Job Search Platforms:

When potential employees set out to find new opportunities, several platforms stand out as the primary destinations:

Knowing the prominence of these platforms is the first step. Ensuring your listings land there is the next.

Get.It’s Straightforward Approach:

Here’s what we offer: You share the job details with us, and we ensure your listings are right where they need to be—visible on both Google and Bing. By doing so, we optimize the visibility of your listing, increasing the likelihood of it reaching the right candidates.

The Value Proposition:

Many employers lean towards well-known platforms like ZipRecruiter and Indeed for their job postings. While these are undoubtedly popular, they come with a significant cost implication. What’s surprising to many is that a number of these paid listings eventually find their way to the free sections on Google and Bing. This realization leads to the question: Why pay more for what you have the right to for free?

Our ethos at Get.It is one of transparency. We believe in delivering value and making sure you get optimal results without an inflated price tag. You should never have to pay for what you have can get for free.

In Closing: At Get.It, we’re not just another job posting platform. We’re a solution-driven partner, focused on aligning with your needs and offering genuine value. Should you have any inquiries or need more insights into the world of job postings, our team is always ready to assist.

"You have provided some
great talent - technically astute
and client ready."
By: Nancy Strelow, MR Winona
"Your service was easy to use and I was
able to hire someone who responded to my ad
within one day of posting it. Thank you!"
By: Pam Zeidman, Copeland Dance
"The responses we've received
from your service have been right
on the mark. Excellent!"
By: Diane Mabry, Kelly Services