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A New Era for the Get.It Community – Begins Today

November 17, 2022

I have tremendously exciting news to share with every member of the Get.It community. Today we want to announce a major milestone in the evolution of our platform. An evolution that allows us to significantly advance our ability to support YOU – our users and partners. The advancements are a direct response to the passionate input we have received from our users. For this, we will be forever grateful. You have been consistently asking us for two things:

1. A single destination to manage all hiring activities – without losing the unique reach of Get All Jobs – The Job Site Network.
2. Cost-effective options to directly promote your job listings on LinkedIn and Google

We are pleased to share we have accomplished both with the launch of our new platform Get.It! All users of the Get All Jobs – The Job Site Network will automatically have seamless access to the new Get.It and can leverage all of its new features. Get.It provides the following:

1. Unlimited ability to post jobs for free on Get.It, and automatic distribution to any and all relevant sites in the Get All Jobs – The Job Site Network
2. Free, automatic distribution of all job listings directly to LinkedIn and Google for Jobs. No catches or extra work is required.
3. Improved, intuitive employer dashboard to manage all hiring activity – regardless of what type of job you are hiring for
4. Access to Adapult Premium. Adapult Premium is a first-in-class sponsorship option that allows you, for as little as $50.00, to advertise on the Google Ads advertising network. Google Ads is the largest and most effective advertising platform in the world.

To be clear, Get.It does not replace any of the existing job sites you have come to love over the years. Rather, it simplifies the posting process by using a single destination, Get.It, to post and manage your job listings. There is no action required on your part. Simply continue to use the job site as you normally have over the years or feel free to navigate directly to Get.It and work there!

We hope you are excited as we are! If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Get.It can meet your hiring goals please feel free to reach out to us here!

Warm Regards,

Jake – CEO

"You have provided some
great talent - technically astute
and client ready."
By: Nancy Strelow, MR Winona
"Your service was easy to use and I was
able to hire someone who responded to my ad
within one day of posting it. Thank you!"
By: Pam Zeidman, Copeland Dance
"The responses we've received
from your service have been right
on the mark. Excellent!"
By: Diane Mabry, Kelly Services